PLC Ultima


Here comes farming, a new fast, simple and secure way to generate coins! 

6 February 2023

Dear friends! 

Today we are ready to present farming, a new way to generate coins! It is advanced technology with powerful benefits:

  • Fast and simple. You  need neither any apps, nor private keys to start farming, the process takes place in your personal account at
  • Security. Farming eliminates the risk of losing access to funds due to a forgotten private key. Platin Passport password is enough to have continuous access to your funds. If you lose access to your account, our support team will help you restore the access.
  • Automated payout. Two options are available: you can withdraw either PLCUX to your PLCUX Wallet or the equivalent sum in PLCU.To withdraw coins, press the Payout button and select the payout method. When selecting PLCU payout, your PLCUX will be automatically converted into PLCU at the current exchange rate. You don’t need to use exchanges anymore and lose on commissions, as the system will do everything for you.

How does farming work? 

Please note that farming is available only to those users who have access to Max Load PLCUX. To start farming coins, you need a PLCUX Minter license, so if you don’t have it, pay for the license first.

Farming is PLCUX coins generation in a personal account at To start farming, you just need to select the appropriate Farming Unit and to purchase it. Once you have purchased the unit, coin generation process starts. 

Every 30 days farming participants get profit amounting to 1/12 of the total profit. Farming takes a year, and profitability depends on the farming speed. The higher the speed, the more the profit. So, we recommend that you start farming as soon as possible! Please note that farming speed differs from minting factor and starts at 7.2. 

You can keep track of farming transactions directly in the History section of the Dashboard. Minted coins get to Available PLCUX Balance in your personal account and are available for payout anytime . 

See detailed guide on how to work with Farming Unit here:

Farming is a revolutionary product for our ecosystem. Generating coins has never been so simple! No more creating and storing private keys, downloading and configuring multiple applications! All you need is just a few clicks to start farming in your personal account! 

We are sure that the PLC Ultima community will appreciate the convenience and simplicity of the new product and make the most of new farming technology!