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News of the PLC Ultima week: new publications in the media and important webinars from Alex Reinhardt

20 December 2022

Dear community! The PLC Ultima team wishes you a great week and invites you to recall the main events of the past one! Three publications about the project in major media, important webinars from Alex Reinhardt are among things to remember this week for! 

The, a famous German edition, posted an article about the PLC Ultima cashback programs. It describes the unique shopping opportunities with 100% cashback provided by PLC Ultima! 

The article is available here: 

The PlatinDeal marketplace and the cashback programs coupons available there attracted the attention of the Austrian edition Wirtschaftszeit. According to the authors, cashback programs are a unique product with no analogues anywhere in the world! 

Find more details here: 

And that’s not all, as Twitgoo, an online edition dedicated to technologies and cryptocurrencies, published an article about the unique collaboration of the famous brand of watches Franck Muller and PLC Ultima.

Read the article and share it with your friends:

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More people are talking about our project day by day! And right now, each of you can contribute to PLC Ultima’s popularity! To do this, you just need to post your feedback on the PLC Ultima page of CoinMarketCap.

If you haven’t signed up yet, we suggest you do it right now: This small step will help us to reach global goals! 

Important Webinars with Alex Reinhardt

The PLC Ultima founder Alex Reinhardt held some of the most important webinars in the project’s history over the weekend! He presented a unique strategy for the coin’s development, as well as solutions to achieve the most ambitious goals! 

He introduced the concept of swapping and a new product – swap unit. Don’t waste your time, watch and share the webinar: ​​ 

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