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News of the PLC Ultima Week: Swapping Launch, PLCU Classic Coin and New Media Publications

27 December 2022

Friends! The PLC Ultima team wishes you a great new week and is glad to sum up results from the previous one!

The PLC Ultima Team is working to launch swapping 

Important technical work is currently underway to separate PLCU and PLCU Classic, therefore all the websites of our ecosystem are unavailable. According to our estimates, the work will continue until Tuesday, December 27.

Once the work is complete, swapping will be available to the users (swapping means exchanging an existing coin for another). All current coins in users’ wallets will become classic ones, that is PLCU Classic coins. PLCU will remain a coin that is only traded on exchanges and used as a means of payment in the PLC Ultima products.

All PLCUC holders will be able to exchange their PLCUCs for new PLCUs through the swapping procedure, which is regular for the cryptocurrency market. Swapping PLCUC to PLCU will be done with the help of Swapping Units. They are a new product for you to exchange PLCUC for PLCU in a 1:1 ratio. This means that 1 PLCU Classic will be exchanged for 1 PLC Ultima.

PLC Ultima is in the spotlight of the top media again! 

Last week, one of the most authoritative editions on finance and investment published an article about the problems of centralization. It covers how decentralized Web3 projects — which is the PLC Ultima ecosystem — can solve the global problems of humanity.

You can read the article at the link:–a-perfect-spearhead-for-the-web3-revolution-2969679 

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