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20 March 2023

Friends, let’s sum up the week results for the PLC Ultima project together!

Crypto Daily: PLC Ultima is all about making cryptocurrencies available 

The international crypto community is getting more and more interested in PLC Ultima.

This is proved by publications in major international media. For example, a large article about PLC Ultima was published in Crypto Daily. It describes our ecosystem, as well as  features of the PLC Ultima blockchain and the project founder’s personality.

Details are here:

New event photos are already on the blog!

Friends, we invite you to recall the legendary convention that took place in Dubai on March 4 – even more photos from this bright event are on our website now!

See photos, download and share them with your friends!

Load your farms on unique terms until the end of March! 

Friends, please note that the PLCUX minting licenses will no longer be available starting from March 30, 2023. Community members won’t be able to purchase PLCUX Minters + Cards and Ultima X Minters licenses to upgrade their PLCUX farms. There is very little time left to upgrade farms on the most favorable terms:

March 11–17

Max Load X4 – Your PLCUX farm will mint 4 times more PLCUX.

March 18–24

Max Load X3

March 25–30

Max Load X2

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