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PLC Ultima News of the Week: a grand event in Dubai, new publications in the media, and much more

7 March 2023

Friends, we congratulate you on the beginning of a new week and present a summary of one of the most critical weeks of 2023 for the members of the PLC Ultima community!  

The first major event of the year was held in Dubai

On Saturday, Dubai hosted ULTIMA CONVENTION, the first large-scale event in 2023! 

The event’s highlight was Alex Reinhardt’s speech, during which he made many big announcements. He presented a new unique Smart Blockchain and products that will work on its basis: its own coin and token, the UltimEX crypto exchange, the crowdfunding platform, and the Ultima Store marketplace. Alex Reinhardt launched Smart Blockchain right at the event and performed the first transaction in front of the community members! 

Alex also presented another cool new product — a travel platform from PLC Ultima with incredibly profitable offers for travelers! Afterward, a festive afterparty followed, with live music from talented artists of the world-famous AmielShow. There was a team of professional photographers and videographers working during the event, so very soon, we will share with you the photos and videos from the event!

PLC Ultima could be the new Bitcoin!

According to an article published in Nigerian Eye, PLC Ultima is a cryptocurrency with every chance of becoming the new bitcoin! The article’s authors believe that it is thanks to PLC Ultima’s powerful ecosystem, a vast number of community members, and many other factors. 

Read more at the link: 

Meanwhile, Alex Reinhardt gave his expert comment to Yahoo Finance with a forecast for the movement of the crypto market.

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PLCUC incineration continues!

PLCUC swapping on the PLCU continues — since January 1, 2023, almost 100,000 PLCU Classics have been burned and got in by the Burning Wallet.

You can track all transactions in real-time in the blockchain explorer: 

Hurry up to buy a license for minting!

We remind you that soon, the acquisition of licenses for minting PLCUX will be stopped. The production speed will continue to decline, so we encourage you to use the opportunity to provide yourself with profit for the whole next year!

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