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PLC Ultima News of the Week: Farming Launch, PLCUC Burning, and More

7 February 2023

The PLC Ultima team wishes you a successful start to the new week! Let’s recall the main events of the past week.

Farming is the easiest way to mine coins in our history.

today our team has launched a new powerful product – farming. This advanced PLCUX coin mining technology allows you to start mining coins in just a few clicks. Farming is fast, easy, and safe!

Farming is a revolutionary product for our ecosystem. Never before in history has it been so easy to mine coins! No more need to create and store private keys, download and configure several applications — it takes just a few clicks to start the farming process in your account!

You can read more about farming in our blog at the link

Confirm your registration at ULTIMA CONVENTION DUBAI

There is not much time left before the first event of 2023 — ULTIMA CONVENTION DUBAI. There will be important announcements, project plans, many new acquaintances, and

meetings you’ve been looking forward to at the event! More than 2000 participants have already registered for the event, and in the coming days, registration will be closed. Therefore, please confirm your registration and attendance at the Ultima Convention Dubai

event, which will take place on March 4. To do this, you must send a plane ticket and a hotel reservation to If your registration is not confirmed, we will have to cancel it.

PLCUC swap  continues

In a few weeks, more than 20,000 more PLCU Classic coins have been burned from swapping! All PLCU Classic coins are burned and enter the Burning Wallet, a wallet programmed only to receive transactions. Constant burning is the key to the growth of the PLCU coin, even in a bear market. 

You can track all transactions in the blockchain browser:

We remind you that to start swapping, you must select on the matching volume of the swap unit and then send the amount of PLCU Classic coins specified in it to the requested address. Your unit for swapping will begin working immediately after the transfer of PLCUC.

New PLCU review  on YouTube

A review of the PLC Ultima ecosystem was posted on the channel of the popular crypto blogger Leonardo Mancini, who has over 200 thousand subscribers! The blogger spoke about the revolutionary products of PLCU, the founder of the project Alexey Reinhardt and how PLC Ultima managed to gain popularity in the cryptocurrency market so rapidly.

Check out the review at 

We invite you to WE CONVENTION!

We would like to remind you of another great event in March, the WE CONVENTION event, which is an unforgettable event for women leaders from around the world. Guests can expect incredible stories from women who improve our world every day.

PLC Ultima community members have a unique opportunity to purchase tickets for the platinDeal event and get up to 100% cashback at PLCUC! Tickets are already available for sale on 

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