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PLC Ultima news of the week: gaining popularity in the media, new publications from bloggers and unique opportunities for the community

29 August 2022

It’s time to summarize the week for PLC Ultima. By tradition, we will tell you about the growing popularity of PLCU in the media and among bloggers, and also remind you of the unique opportunities for you! 

Hurry up to fill your  farm with coins

There are only a few days left to purchase an Ultima Minter license and fill the farm with PLCU coins! Moreover, now when the PLCU rate has been adjusted along with the crypto market, it has become doubly profitable to purchase coins and a license!

And especially for those who want to pay Ultima Minters for PLC Ultima, we have prepared a video instruction:

We also remind you that if you have PLC Debit Card activation codes, you need to have time to use them before October 1. From October 1, 2022, activation codes will become invalid. You will find the video instruction on our telegram channel. 

PLC Ultima is gaining popularity! 

Our popularity in the crypto space is constantly growing! Thus, one of the most authoritative business publications in India released a material about the project, in which the author talks about the global mission of PLC Ultima, as well as the importance and usefulness of products. Go to the link to read the article: /

And at the weekend, a major Spanish-language publication ADNMundo published an article about PLC Ultima, the author has analyzed our mining technology in detail and explained why it is the future. You can read the material at the link:

In addition, one of the most popular YouTube channels about cryptocurrency has released an overview video about the PLC Ultima project, the number of views is currently approaching 50 000! Follow the link, watch the video and leave your comments:

Friends, this week Alex Reinhardt will host a series of webinars in five languages. We definitely urge you to attend these meetings — these are one of the most important webinars of 2022, as PLC Ultima is entering a new stage of development very soon! You probably hear important and useful information about the project firsthand! The schedule and links to the webinars can be found on our telegram-channel. 

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