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PLC Ultima news of the week: important event information, minting updates, and PLCU trading Resumption 

30 January 2023

Happy Monday, dear friends! Let these seven days be productive and full of new achievements, and we are ready to share the most important events of the last week. 

Changes to the minting factor and Max Load 

Please pay attention that important changes are expected on February 1: the minting factor will drop from 6.2 to 6. Also, Max Load will be switched from 75,000 to 100,000 starting from February 2!

We recommend that you load up your farms before the speed decreases and the index changes! 

Confirm your registration for Ultima Convention Dubai

Please note that all community members, who wish to participate in the annual Ultima Convention Dubai, March 4, must confirm their presence after completing the application. To do this, send your plane ticket, hotel reservation and ID number to Otherwise, your registration for the event will be cancelled!

Resumption of PLCU trading  

As our team is carrying out technical work with PLC Ultima, the PLCU/USDT trading limit has been reduced to 0.05. 

If you need a higher limit, you can use exchanges already trading the updated version of PLCU. Check the list of available exchanges:


Biconomy Exchange




We are in the media again!

South Africa Today, the popular news outlet, published an article on the features, tools and capabilities of our PLC Ultima ecosystem. You can learn from the article how our minting works, what bonuses cooperation with PLCU provides and how we managed to make a revolution in the crypto market. 

Read the article here: 

All the PLCU community women are welcomed at WE CONVENTION

We remind you of WE CONVENTION, another important event of March to be held in Dubai, where more than 100 speakers from different industries and 2000 successful women from all over the world will gather together. Two days of networking, a gala dinner, a fashion show and an incredible experience that will help the participants find their own way and succeed in any industry. 

The PLC Ultima community members have a unique opportunity to buy an event ticket on PlatinDeal and get up to 100% cashback in PLCUC! 

Tickets are available at

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