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PLC Ultima News of the Week: PLCU is in the Spotlight, and Last Chance to Load the Farms Profitably

22 August 2022

Friends! It’s time to tell you about the last week events for PLC Ultima to remember! 

Last week, PLC Ultima was in the focus of the media and bloggers again. The review of the PLC Ultima project was released on the channel of the popular YouTube blogger Crypto Jimmy, and it gained more than 40,000 views for a few days! The blogger tells about the things distinguishing the PLCU project from the hundreds of others, its advantages and prospects.

Watch the review and share it: 

The media popularity of PLC Ultima is rocketing too. Encolombia posted a big article about our project in Spanish. The author told about the products forming the PLC Ultima ecosystem, the project mission and much more. Read the article here: 

You may use the auto-translate feature in your browser to read the article in your native language. 

We remind you that till September 1 you have an opportunity to buy the Ultima Minters packages, which, in accordance with the digital certificate, will keep generating coins for another 12 months. Now, while the coin has fallen below its price, it is a unique time to load the farm and get your future profit not only from minting, but also from the rate growth! 

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