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PLC Ultima weekly digest: an event for the Asian community and three new listings

24 May 2022


In this section, we’ll take a look at last week’s results for PLC Ultima: events, technical innovations, new products, webinar announcements, and other exciting news. As always, the past week brought us many bright moments: the PLC Ultima Asian Convention, the launch of trading on three major crypto exchanges, and much more.

PLC Ultima Asian Convention — more than 1000 community members

The highlight of the week was the PLC Ultima Asian Convention, which brought together over 1000 community members! Guests at the event learned firsthand about the upcoming plans for PLC Ultima from Alex, with a chance to ask him any questions, participate in networking, and meet new members of the community.

There’s not much time left before our grand AFRICAN ULTIMA CONVENTION DUBA on June 4, and two other large-scale events — INDIAN ULTIMA CONVENTION DUBAI 2022 for Dhanish&Rajendra Team and Yash&Vinod&Tarun Team! The PLC Ultima team is looking forward to meeting guests at the events!

PLC Ultima listings: three new crypto exchanges

Over the past week, PLCU trading was launched on two large cryptocurrency exchanges at once — the major Asian platform Hotbit and the actively developing DigiFinex platform, which is in the top 10 crypto exchanges in terms of liquidity and trading volumes. And the BitMart exchange also announced the listing of PLCU.

Trading for the PLCU/USDT pair is available at the links:

DigiFinex —

HotBit —

HotBit is a major trading platform created by experts from Asia and the USA. Today, the exchange is used by more than half a million users from over 170 countries! According to Coinmarketcap, the trading volume on the site reaches $250 million. The BitMart platform has been operating on the crypto market since 2017. The exchange serves clients from 180 countries of the world! This is one of the most reputable and oldest sites on the market.

This week, Alex Reinhardt will host webinars in Russian, English, German, Spanish and Hindi — you can find the schedule and links in our Telegram channels.