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PLC Ultima weekly digest: exchanges reopening, blog launch, and Max Load change

1 August 2022


The PLC Ultima team is here to congratulate you on starting a new week! Now, as usual, we will tell you about the main events of the past week. 

Exchanges resume operations

The main news for today is that the LBank, Bibox and DigiFinex cryptocurrency exchanges resume operation. Deposits and withdrawals, as well as other functions, are once again available on the platforms. Other exchanges are currently introducing updates, and will soon start working in open mode. We will additionally inform you when this happens.

As a reminder, earlier we reported that the exchanges are operating in closed mode. This measure was necessary to carry out large-scale technical work to improve the level of security.

PLC Ultima blog launch

Friends, we have launched the PLC Ultima blog specifically for you! It will provide you with fresh and useful information about the development of the project. Moreover, you will be able to learn the latest news from the crypto world, read the latest publications about PLCU in the media, study our crypto glossary, and much more! Follow the link and share this post with your friends:

Changes to Max Load and packages

As of today, the PLCU minting rate has decreased by 22% — from 5.87 to 5.65 (at an annual rate). The dashboard with new minting speed indicators in your account has already been updated.

Furthermore, starting today, the Max Load index has been reduced to 5000 EUR. We did this to ensure that the market rate is in line with the Max Load index and PLC Ultima’s development strategy overall.

One more change comes into effect starting today — Ultima Minters + Cards packages with free PLC Cards are no longer available for purchase. You can now only purchase Ultima Minters packages. 

Reminder: dear friends, this week, Alex Reinhardt will host five webinars for the community in English, German, Spanish, Hindi, and Russian. As always, you will find the schedule in our Telegram channels! See you at the webinars!