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PLC Ultima weekly digest: important announcement, changes at Coinsbit, and new media publications

18 July 2022

The PLC Ultima team is happy to start a new week with you, dear friends! And today, we are once again here to tell you about the main events of the week.

The upcoming equalization of the Max Load index

Let’s start with some amazing news: last week, Alex Reinhardt announced that the Max Load index will be adjusted to 10,000 EUR! This decision will enable those community members who have purchased farms with a Max Load index above 10,000 EUR to increase their farms several times over!

Last chance to get a PLC Debit Card for free!

Reminder: until August 1, you have a unique opportunity to choose and pay for the Ultima Minters + Cards package and receive one of our flagship products as a gift. These include the PLC Card crypto debit card, which supports eight of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies!

Updates from Coinsbit

Another important update: now, only orders to buy PLCU will be available on Coinsbit during the weekend. Sell orders will be suspended for this time due to the adjustment of the Max Load index to 10,000 EUR. This decision will help stabilise the PLC Ultima rate and evenly distribute the coin among all market participants.

Rising media popularity for PLC Ultima

Each week once again confirms that PLC Ultima is a project that attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts from all over the world. And it’s not going to stop there! 

This week, PLC Ultima’s media popularity continued to grow. A review was released by one of the major bloggers, and two media outlets published articles mentioning PLCU and Alex Reinhardt.

The popular UK-based vlogger CRYPTO BAPE released a review of the PLC Ultima ecosystem, in which he shared his thoughts and talked about the ecosystem’s products. You can watch the review here:

That’s not all! Last week, the popular Indian publication released an article about the reasons and factors that made PLC Ultima a powerful, constantly evolving ecosystem that is accessible for everyone. You can read the article at:

Moreover, Alex Reinhardt will host five webinars this week. You can check out the updated schedule in our Telegram channels and social networks!