PLC Ultima


PLC Ultima weekly digest: max load index change, new YouTube videos, and growing popularity in the media

25 July 2022


Congratulations on the start of a new week! Let’s take a look back at the results of the previous one, which was packed with many events as always!

Max load index equalized

The main event of the week was the change in the Max Load index, which was equalized to 10,000 euros! This means that if you previously purchased an Ultima Minter with an index of 40,000 EUR, then the Max Load of your license has increased by a factor of 4.

Let’s look at an example: imagine that you purchased an Ultima Minter PLUS license for 1100 euros, and its Max Load = 0.025 PLCU with an index of 40,000 EUR. After the change, the Max Load of the current Ultima Minter PLUS package increased to 0.1 PLCU — which means that it has increased by 0.075 PLCU.

Important videos on our YouTube channel

We’ve uploaded several useful and interesting videos on our YouTube channel. We’ve prepared a video tutorial that shows how to create an order and sell PLCU at the best rate on the Coinsbit exchange. Using the information from this manual will increase the PLCU exchange rate, so we definitely recommend watching the video and sharing it with others —

Last week, we also posted the latest news digest on our YouTube channel, where you can find out about the latest events in Dubai, the release of the new PLCUX coin and the complete launch of the cashback program, as well as important product updates and much more. You can find all these videos on our YouTube channel: Don’t forget to share the video with your friends!

PLC Ultima gains popularity in the media

PLC Ultima is gaining popularity in the crypto community with each day, and more publications and bloggers are starting to talk about our project.

Last week, three media publications released articles about PLCU. Nuestro Pais published an article in Spanish: The author of the piece writes that PLCU is constantly being updated and improved, which makes it one of the most sustainable projects on the market today — despite the ongoing crypto winter.

An article in English was also published in one of the most popular publications in India, Livemint. Read it and share the link with your friends:

A new article about the PLC Ultima project was published in CoinMarketAlert. You can read it here:

Last chance to get free cards

We remind you that until August 1 you have a unique opportunity to get a card for free by purchasing the Ultima Minters + Cards package! Free cards will no longer be available in packages starting August 1, 2022!

The card supports eight major cryptocurrencies: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, USDT, EOS, BAT, and PLC Ultima! Payment is also available in five fiat currencies: US dollar, euro, pound, yuan and Japanese yen. The card has a limit of up to one million euros, with commissions of only a few percent.