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PLC Ultima weekly digest: new listing and growing popularity in media

11 July 2022

Friends! As we kick off a new week, we can’t wait to share what happened last week! The price of the coin was supported by several important events. First of all, PLCU was listed on the CoinW platform. Secondly, the popularity of PLCU in the crypto community continues to grow – interviews with Alex Reinhardt were published in major German and Spanish publications, and the well-known crypto blogger Roman Pushka released a comprehensive review of our project. Finally, Alex Reinhardt hosted six webinars this week, including the first ever PLC Ultima webinar in Chinese. Keep reading to learn more about all these new developments.

New PLCU listing

Hardly a week goes by without a new listing of our coin, which proves that PLCU has a highly reliable reputation in the industry. Last week, PLCU was listed on the CoinW platform, a crypto exchange licensed by US and Singapore regulators, created by former employees of tech giants. The exchange has been operating on the market for more than five years, with a particular focus on user security and compliance with international trading standards. PLC Ultima trading for USDT is available at:

Growing popularity in crypto media

PLC Ultima continues to gain popularity in the crypto media space: last week marked the publication of two interviews with Alex Reinhardt and one blogger’s comprehensive review of PLCU.

The German Kryptoszene published an article about stablecoins, where Alex Reinhardt answered several important questions and explained how PLC Ultima managed to survive this difficult time for the entire crypto world with minimal losses. Read the new article here:

Last week also saw the release of an article in Spanish with commentary by Alex Reinhardt. In the article, the founder of the PLC Ultima project explains why it will be difficult for Bitcoin to become a universal and convenient means of payment for daily use. You can read the article at the link:

And that’s not all – last week, one of the most popular Russian-speaking bloggers, Roman Pushka, released a review of PLC Ultima, where he spoke in detail about all the products within the ecosystem. In his review, he explained how PLCU is able to successfully develop and grow in the face of market turbulence. Watch the review and share it with your friends:

And we remind you that this week Alex Reinhardt will host a series of webinars in Hindi, German, Spanish, English and Russian. You will find the current schedule in the Telegram channel.