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PLC Ultima weekly digest: PLCU price exceeds Bitcoin, new listings, and explosive popularity on YouTube

13 June 2022

It’s a new week, which means it’s time to tell you about the main PLC Ultima events of the past week! As usual, last week was packed with events, and we can’t wait to tell you all about them!

PLC Ultima continues to grow despite market sentiment 

The most important news is that PLCU exceeded the price of Bitcoin once again, reaching the $30,000 mark despite the negative trend in the crypto market. We’ve already mentioned that one of the factors behind the stable growth of the coin is the competent strategy of our partner, the Coinsbit cryptocurrency exchange. So if you want the PLCU coin to continue to show positive dynamics and growth, we advise all PLCU community members to use the Coinsbit platform for all operations.

Each month, our multilingual community grows by about 200,000 people. And our team is doing everything to improve the experience of our users. That’s why we’ve launched in 16 languages, including Chinese, Japanese and even Vietnamese! Hurry to check out the update and share the news with your partners:

PLCU continues to gain popularity: a new listing and a review from a blogger

PLCU is rapidly gaining popularity in the crypto market, which means almost every week brings news of a new listing! Since June 9, trading in the PLCU/USDT pair has been available on the Azbit crypto exchange, which is one of the top 50 exchanges in the CoinMarketCap rating. More than 350,000 people use the platform daily, and the daily trading volume on Azbit exceeds $160 million. Trading is available at this link — 

Last week, a PLCU review by the popular crypto blogger FLOZIN got over 7,000 views in just half a day, and now the number of views is close to 40,000! This is further confirmation of the rapidly growing interest in our coin. In his video, the blogger talks about why PLC Ultima is growing, covering the technologies developed by the project and the incredible opportunities PLC Ultima can offer to the entire crypto market at large and each individual user! Check out the review and share it with your friends —

We remind you that only 2 days are left before the change of the Max Load index, this is an unprecedented offer on the market! Hurry to fill your farms on the best terms and act right now!

Do you have any questions about PLCU for our project founder, Alex Reinhardt? Then join the webinars in German, Hindi, Spanish, English and Russian this week. You can find the current schedule in our Telegram channels!