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PLC Ultima weekly digest: PLCU PRO launch, new media publications, and a listing on a major exchange 

5 July 2022

Friends, here’s to the start of a new week – we’ve got some amazing news to share with you! And the news is really powerful: the launch of a new coin, new media publications about our project, participation in major international conferences and a new listing. Let’s get started!

PLC Ultima PRO launch — the top story of the week 

The top story of the week was the launch of our new PLCU PRO token. At the start of trading, its price reached unreal heights – almost $ 3 million!

PLC Ultima PRO (PLCU PRO) is a specialized token based on the PLC Ultima blockchain, which will be used exclusively for calculations in programs. The initial issue will be 1000 PLCU PRO, with the maximum capped at 100,000. The starting price is only $0.10! In the next 2 months, the token will be sold exclusively for PLCU on the Coinsbit and Plcumember exchanges.

  • Our savings program participants will be able to purchase cars, real estate, food, clothes and much more with 50% savings by freezing 50% of the cost in PLCU in a smart contract, and paying the other 50% with the PLCU PRO token. This strategy will significantly boost the liquidity of the PLCU for a number of reasons:
  • The new token will be sold only for PLCU, which means that program participants will need to buy PLCU.
  • In order to participate in the programs, you need to freeze a certain amount in PLCU for 12 months. Freeze = limited supply = price increase.
  • The new operating conditions of the program will prevent PLCU holders from selling their coins, which means that the number of PLCU purchases will exceed the number of sales.
  • The launch of our programs around the world will lead to the growth of the community, which will definitely have a positive impact on the exchange rate.

You can purchase the token at the link —

Three articles in major media publications 

The international crypto publication released an article about PLC Ultima. The author calls PLCU a coin that is less prone to volatility and instability of the crypto market. The author writes that PLCU is less influenced by the instability and volatility of the crypto market. According to the author, the secret behind the success of the PLCU is that it was originally created for active use, and not for speculation., another major international cryptocurrency publication, turned to Alex Reinhardt with questions about the current mood in the cryptocurrency market.

Based on his many years of successful experience in this market, Alex  analysed the current situation, explaining why some projects, including the PLC Ultima coin, are less subject to market volatility. He also shared his advice for crypto investors. 

Alex also shared his thoughts with the authoritative crypto publication, where he explained why Bitcoin fell victim to its own success and never became a convenient financial tool for everyday use.

A new listing on Biconomy

A few hours ago, the Biconomy cryptocurrency exchange launched trading in the PLCU/USDT pair. This exchange has been operating for more than 3 years in over 100 countries around the world. More than 350 thousand verified users use the platform, and the quarterly trading volume exceeds $12 billion!

The huge interest from both major crypto exchanges and the global crypto community once again confirm that PLC Ultima has a solid development strategy, and it’s only at the beginning of its journey.

Trading on the PLCU/USDT pair is available at the link — 

PLCU at MetaForum Lugano

Last week, the PLC Ultima team participated in MetaForum Lugano, an event dedicated to the most important topics of today: blockchain, technology, smart contracts, DeFi, and more. The PLC Ultima booth aroused great interest among the guests at the event – people asked about PLCU projects, and in particular about the PLC Debit Card.

Such events offer an additional opportunity to exchange experiences, build new business relationships, and interact with the largest players in the blockchain industry.