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PLC Ultima weekly digest: two listings and YouTube channel premieres

27 June 2022

The PLC Ultima team is here to wish you a good start to the new week and share some great news! Over the past week, PLCU has been listed on two major exchanges. Moreover, we have released new useful videos. Now we will tell you all about it. 

Two listings on major exchanges 

With over 3 million registered users and more than 300,000 monthly active users, the cryptocurrency exchange XT.COM has added the PLCU/USDT pair to its listings. The platform has a daily trading volume of nearly $2.5 million and is ranked 28th by CoinMarketCap.

Trading is available at the link: 

The BigONE exchange has also added the coin to its listings. The site is currently in the top 50 on CoinMarketCap with an average daily trading volume of $436,423,484! The BigONE exchange was founded in the summer of 2017. Six months later, the exchange entered the top 30 crypto exchanges by transaction volume, which exceeded $10 million per day.

You can trade the pair right now at the link – 

PLCU listings on large platforms are the best confirmation of the coin’s popularity in the cryptocurrency world!

New videos on the PLC Ultima YouTube channel

Last week, we posted two exciting videos on the official PLC Ultima YouTube channel. The first is a video report about INDIAN ULTIMA CONVENTION DUBAI, a legendary event for our community from India that brought together more than 2300 people. The atmosphere was truly magical! Thousands of like-minded people, Alex’s inspiring performance, the presentation of long-awaited cards and an exciting after party featuring the famous singer Guru Randgava – and all this in the business center of the world – Dubai!

You can check out the atmosphere of this unforgettable event at the link –

We’ve also added a new video tutorial about the Ultima Minter profitability calculator. You can check it out to learn which license to choose for the farm you’d like to buy, and how to calculate the potential income from minting, based on the current PLCU rate. The video is available at the link –

Friends, we remind you that this week Alex Reinhardt will host five webinars for the PLC Ultima community. As always, you will find the current schedule in our Telegram channels!