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PLC Ultima weekly news: favorable replenishment conditions for your farms, new publications in the media and much more

13 March 2023

Friends, it’s time to sum up the week results for the PLC Ultima project! 

Load the farms on the most favorable terms! 

Alex Reinhardt announced the launch of Smart Blockchain at the event. All our products will be switched to this new network starting from March 30, 2023. As a result, the sale of the Ultima X Minters licenses for upgrading your PLCUX farms will be closed. It concerns licenses with both the PLC crypto cards coming as gifts and without them. This leaves you with less than a month to get the most out of the PLC Ultima breakthrough technology!

So, our team decided to enable all users to load the farms on the most favorable terms:

March 11–17  

Max Load X4 – Your PLCUX farm will  mint 4 times more PLCUX.

March 18–24 

Max Load X3

March 25–30 

Max Load X2

This will give you enough time to load farms before the coming product closure and then swap PLCUX to the main parent coin of the Smart Blockchain-based ecosystem.

PLC Ultima is in the media again! 

The PLC Ultima project was highlighted in the media once again – this time NEWS 365 declared PLC Ultima a safe choice among thousands of cryptocurrencies! NEWS 365 noted that high liquidity and extensive infrastructure of PLC Ultima helped the project survive the crypto winter, and what’s more, grow several times during this period! 

All the details are here: 

The event footage is already on our blog

We are happy to announce that the first footage from the grand Ultima Convention Dubai is already available on our website.

See the event photo album and feel the atmosphere via the link:

This week Alex Reinhardt will hold five webinars: in German, Russian, Hindi, English and Korean. As usual, the up-to-date schedule is on our Telegram channels!

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