PLC Ultima


PLC Ultima wishes you a Happy New Year!

30 December 2022

It is traditional to summarize the year’s results, and we’re sure you also have something to add to your list of victories in 2022. Together with PLC Ultima, you have made an invaluable contribution to the development of cryptocurrencies and discovered new opportunities and prospects. In addition, our grand events, innovative products, and cashback programs revolutionized the shopping world – each event was truly unforgettable, but this is just the beginning!

The PLC Ultima community never stops striving for more, so in 2023 we will continue to delight you with new super projects and technologies that will make you even more prosperous and happier. Thank you to everyone who supports us on this path, who, together with us, cares about thousands of people worldwide and believes that PLC Ultima will change this world for the better.

Let’s indulge in pleasant nostalgia, read this article, and recall all the achievements and extraordinary events that happened with PLC Ultima in 2022. Be sure to thank yourself for all the work done and your efforts, just as the PLC Ultima team thanks you for all your hard work. Together, we are stronger and looking forward to incredible victories and results!

Happy New Year!