PLC Ultima


Ultima Minters packages for PLCU minting will be off the market very soon. 

28 September 2022

What does this mean for the community and for the market? 

Dear community, there are only a few days left before the Ultima Minters packages for PLCU minting are no longer available. This means that the community has an extra opportunity to purchase or upgrade their farms while the PLC Ultima team is carrying out the final work on the PLCUX launch. 

The limited emission of PLCU coins, the constant burning of PLCU and the use of PLCU as gas for every PLCUX transaction – all these actions will only reduce the amount of PLC Ultima and, of course, give powerful signals to the entire crypto market!

The PLC Ultima community and users who have a strategy know that the limited market supply, the burns and mass use of coins are important conditions leading  PLCU to the desired rate!