PLC Ultima


We have updated Ultima Farm app for iOS

3 September 2022

Friends, we have another important update to share with you. 

We are glad to announce that Ultima Farm is now available to update. 

What’s updated

Improved stability of Ultima Farm

The PLC Ultima team has done a great job to improve the quality of the app’s operation and its network stability. 

Updated design 

The app’s interface looks more modern, meets the latest design trends and provides   an even more user-friendly experience for all Ultima Farm users. 

PLCUX support 

With the new Ultima Farm interface, users will be able to switch from the PLCU dashboard to PLCUX one in real time. There are widgets showing the balance for PLCU and PLCUX coins. The Smart Contracts section is also divided into PLCU and PLCUX.

It is worth noting that the settings of Ultima Farm now include an option to block the farm and reconclude your minting smart contracts, in case your farm is compromised.


All new users will use a mnemonic phrase of 12 words when creating a wallet. Please note that the mnemonic phrase is generated automatically, and no one but you has access to it. It is impossible to make a screenshot of the mnemonic phrase. You can only write it down and save it with great caution.   

Ultima Farm in 16 languages

Our users really waited for this update. The Ultima Farm app is now available in 16 languages, from Chinese to Arabic!

Update your Ultima Farm right now: